RAMMP 2019 Summer Research Program

Program flyerThe Recruitment and Mentoring in Mathematics Program (RAMMP) will engage 10 area scholars in summer research activities in mathematics, hopefully culminating in publishable research. Undergraduate scholars will work in groups on research problems guided by faculty members. A stipend of $4,000 (taxable) will be paid to participants in the program.

In addition to the research activities, there will be a weekly colloquium and learning seminars offered.

Location and dates

The RAMMP summer program for 2019 will be held June 3-July 25. We will meet daily Monday through Thursday each week at the City College of New York.


This year’s mentors will be:


The program is open to all undergraduate students in the NYC area who have completed mathematics courses requiring the writing of rigorous proofs. An introduction to proof course (e.g., Bridge to Advanced Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics) is sufficient.

Participants may not take classes or hold other jobs for the duration of the program and are expected to attend all scheduled activities.

Application Requirements

The application requires:

  • Application Form: Please complete this application form.
  • A personal statement: Please write a 1-2 page personal statement addressing:
    • Your background in mathematics including what mathematics you have enjoyed most, and what has led you to apply to this program.
    • Your experiences and views on diversity (pertaining to mathematics or to other areas of shared experience).
    • Your thoughts on your future plans after graduating from college. (It is okay not to know precisely what you plan to do, but you should have some ideas of what you think you might want to do.)
  • Transcript: Email a copy of your transcript along with your personal statement (described above) to nycmathalliance@gmail.com. An unofficial transcript is fine.
  • Recommendation letter: Please have at least one mathematics instructor send a letter nycmathalliance@gmail.com recommending you for the program.

We had an original deadline of March 8, and are in the process of making some acceptances to the program, but we still have space available. If we receive a complete application by April 15th, we will consider your application.

Research Topics:

Research topics will be selected from the areas of interest of the mentors. This year’s mentors are interested in projects in the subjects of:

  • Geometry and Dynamical Systems
  • Graph Theory
  • Group Theory

More details on the proposed projects can be found in this problem list (PDF).


Scholars will work in groups of 2-3 students on research problems in the above areas. The groups will meet daily with their mentor to discuss the project. In addition there will be:

  • A weekly colloquium featuring interesting mathematics at the level of the scholars in the program.
  • A workshop teaching LaTeX (a language for mathematical typesetting).
  • A workshop on mathematical programming.


This program is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMS-1820731 which funds a proposal jointly written by Alliance members Gautam Chinta, Robert Donley, Pat Hooper, Sandra Kingan, Stephen Preston, Cesar Valverde, Bart Van Steirteghem, and Fei Ye.

We also are grateful to The City College of New York for hosting this program and to Brooklyn College, Medgar Evers College, and Queensborough Community College for their support.


Please contact us by email at nycmathalliance@gmail.com if you have questions about this program or if you have any issues with applying.

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