If you want to inform us about a potential candidatefor this program, pleaseplease email us at nycmathalliance@gmail.com.


Mentoring Advancement Track for Higher Opportunities and Networking.

Students transitioning from a two-year school to a four-school often face many challenges associated with the transitioning process such as

  • Adjusting to increased academic rigor
  • Adjusting to differences in institutional culture and practices
  • Getting acquainted with new academic policies. 
  • Less one-on-one interaction with faculty due to increase in class size
  • Gaps in knowledge required for upper-division courses.

The goal of the M.A.T.H O.N program is to address these challenges. When one of your mathematics students is transferring to a four-year school, we request that you notify the regional alliance. We will then pair that student with a mentor at the four-year school. The mentor will guide the student in course selection and inform him or her about  research opportunities, student groups, department culture and available resources such tutoring services. Thus, we work to smooth the transition and give the student a better opportunity to succeed. 

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