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Exciting News: This summer will will be running a Research Program for undergraduates.

Who Are We?

We are a regional hub of the National Math Alliance serving the New York City metropolitan area. Learn more about us and check out our gallery.

Our Committees

Learn more about committees and how to get involved.


Find a list of mentors volunteering with the National Math Alliance in the NYC area.

The National Math Alliance 

The Alliance works to increase the representation of US citizens from minority backgrounds in the Mathematical Sciences. Learn more.

Summer Research Program

Learn about our RAMMP program, which will run summers 2019-2021.


Information about our 2018 Conference at Kean University. We will be holding another conference at City College of New York in Fall, 2019.

Newsletter & Opportunities

Read our latest newsletter and learn about opportunities available for students.

What is Math Alliance?

Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

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